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Skoobin.com wants to help you share books with your friends, family and community. skoobin.com uses new media technology to help you share one of the worlds oldest forms of media, books. Books, scrolls, tablets, pieces of rock, napkins and even tree trunks all over the world have been used to teach, spread knowledge, convey thoughts and share ideas that have changed the world. The printed word has been one of the most entertaining, and revolutionary ways for people to communicate. We want to help people to share the impact of the printed word with others.

We here at skoobin love books, but understand keeping track of them can be a hard, Sharing them can be even more difficult. That is why we want to create a new way for book lovers everywhere to share and keep track of their books. We are always open to hearing new ideas on how to make your library easier to manage and share. You may have a library at home, church, school or just about anywhere else, but can manage all of them from skoobin.com. Let us know what we can do to make skoobin.com work better for you. Contact our Support staff to give recommendations or just jump in and register for you skoobin account right now, and don't forget to download the Android App!

skoobin.com staff hopes you enjoy!
Ted, Justin and Dan


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